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Welcome flower bouquet

“Atithi Devo Bhava” guest is god. At Sanskruti Agro Tourism, we welcome our guests by offering them flowers to feel refreshed while entering the venue. They will get relaxed, get rid of all the travel tiredness, and enjoy each activity joyfully.    


We live in India, and we have a rich heritage of cuisine. Maharashtra is a state where you can enjoy a wide variety of cuisine, from spicy to sweet desserts. We offer each type of Maharashtrian food to our guests so that they will feel at home. 


As urbanization is taking place everywhere, we get a low chance of breathing in natural air. Here at Sanskruti, you can breathe fresh and feel nature. Birds from every tree will welcome you with their melodious songs. No sound of traffic, vehicles, machines and other things. Pluck your seasonal fruits right from the tree. Doesn’t it sound interesting?

Magic shows and games

Children are here, and how can we miss the kids’ favourite magic show? They can enjoy a magic show at the big hall of Sanskruti Agro Tourism. The school team can also conduct small activities like poem recitation, antakshari and other games in the beautiful hall, along with magic shows.


Have fun, eat delicious food and then dance! You can enjoy dancing in the rain on “barsore-megha-megha” like Aishwarya Rai with your picnic team and show your special dance moves.  Fun activities Have you ever ridden on a tractor? Sounds fun, right? Agro means agriculture, and when we say agriculture, how can we miss tractors? Take a ride on a tractor and enjoy your picnic. There is also a play area where children can enjoy different swings and small rides. 

Fun and learn

By playing and other activities kids can develop their physic. We also take care of their knowledge. At Sanskruti Agro Tourism, we have a wide range of trees, and you can also get to know the names and benefits of the trees. Not only the names, but you can also feel them and pluck tasty fruits from them.  Connect with us for more details and bookings!

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