One Day Package

One Day Package

Enrich Your Soul With Nature

Discover the traditional way of life in rural India as you explore the lush green fields, visit local farms and experience the warm hospitality of the village community. Visit Sanskruti Agro Tourism and experience an unforgettable adventure! And when you're ready for a different kind of thrill, step into the world of online gaming. Just as nature enriches your soul, the excitement of the craps table can add a new dimension to your entertainment. Dive into the world of online casino craps for an exhilarating experience where strategy meets chance. Spice up your downtime with enticing bonuses and promotions, making every roll of the dice a moment to remember. 

Enjoy Adventure


Adventure is about embracing the unexpected, taking risks, and letting things come to us. We take a break from the never-ending planning, obtaining, and polishing of life.

Outdoor activity

Adventure Park

Kids Play Area

rain dance

Rain Dance with DJ


Cricket Ground


Volleyball Ground

Football Ground


Tractor Ride


Fruit Garden


Spice Garden


Indoor Games


Dining Area

indoor game

Event Hall

Destination Wedding Ground


Sky Cycling

*Not Included In Package
Zip Line

Zip Line

*Not Included In Package

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